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Picking up new car tomorrow

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We are picking up our new Focus Titanium X, 1.0 ecoboost 125 tomorrow. Our first Ford.

Currently have a Hyundai i30 1.4 petrol. Salesman said the Ford will feel faster than the Hyundai because its got the 3 cylinder boost and is more like a 1.6 engine.

Is this true?


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40 minutes ago, mikeyd1 said:

Very nice could you do a drive for a week review on it just so i get some idea when i pick mine up. Thanks

Didn't know you were getting a Focus?! 

Knew you were getting a new car, didn't know it was a Focus? 😏

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Yep ive decided to get a ford Focus. While the Fiesta zetec s is nice and fast enough i just want a bit more comfort also love the magnetic grey and i put a deposit on 2015 1.0 125 6 speed. But i still thinks Fiesta looks better than the Focus lol

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Zetec couldnt really afford titanium or zetec s the 125 bhp ones seems to be a lot dearer in used cars but i could of got a titanium but it was on 100bhp but chose a zetec 125 instead i will upgrade wheels and spoiler in a few months tho

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Yep wheels,spoiler first then front/rear splitter. That red edition looks the nuts. But so does the white one. Also i want to remove active grill shutter but aint got a clue so a bit of research for that.

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