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What is wrong with my Ford Focus?

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I've got a 2.0 2006 Ford Focus.

If I don't drive it from a day or two.The battery seems to die. My other half said he has seen it lit up in the middle of the night. Even with the car locked and for hours. The computer bit on your dash board where the mileage is.

I've bought a new battery and had it put in, and still have this problem. I don't know if this is a common problem with this car or what can I do to stop it draining my battery? Help?!?!? Need to jump start my car again & again. 😠


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Ic fault I believe the fix for it is to have the instrument cluster removed and repaired but someone will be along shortly to confirm if that's the problem

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Something on the can bus is keeping the cluster awake instead of everything powering down.

Could be a faulty cluster or any faulty module.

Have you got an aftermarket stereo fitted at all, they can cause issues with the can bus and cause this fault also.

On diagnostics it will hopefully flag up any error codes that may or may not less you to the problem area.

Mostly it is guess work without at least a diagnostics session to start with.

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3 hours ago, jeebowhite said:

have you got an aftermarket head unit?

See my post above lol I already asked that question. Noob lol 

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1 hour ago, jeebowhite said:

Note to self... Open eyes while reading

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Should have gone to spec savers dude. Mind you can't hurt to mention the point again.

Have we asked has the OP got an aftermarket radio fitted yet? Lol

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9 hours ago, iantt said:

Well, has he ? Lol

Oops Has she maybe lol

Clues are in the username LouLou and "my other half said he has seen it lit up". Lol

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you would be surprised what stories my dog has!


You should talk to him as well... I also find that when he speaks, I feel a little lightheaded, I also see dancing pink elephants, and monkeys cutting their toe nails... the response they give when I see them, its like I just watched them making love...

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