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Greetings from Stockport


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I have already made my first post in an age old thread regarding leaky washer jets causing a misfire issue.

My name's Jordan, located in Stockport. Recently bought a 2004 1.4 Fiesta that someone decided would be a good idea to scrape every wing on :biggrin:. I'm still in my first year of driving, and previously had a 1litre Corsa that lasted all of six months before needing to be replaced. Got the Fiesta cheap because the clutch was slipping, but now the clutch itself is all good and the car drove like a dream (and about 100x the car that Corsa was) until this morning. 

Just wanted to pop in here and say "hi". I'm looking to learn as much as possible to make general maintenance and repairs easier on my car in the future. I fully believe in the ethos of at least trying to work your head around any machines you own, as there's always someone looking to profit from a lack of proactivity of an average user.

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