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Clunk noise when braking !

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i have a 2008 mk6 zetec s , put new lower arm,drop link,pads and disc,new hub new spring,calliper is secure 

When rolling /driving 0-15 mph when braking makes a clunk/knock noise ..

no play in suspension or bearings 

slight movement in the anti roll bar bush but that shouldn't be the noise when braking 




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It could be your ABS kicking in, as we had that same issue with the Primera where it would make a knocking/clunking noise at low speeds and you could also feel it through the brake pedal.

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I have had clunk noises on my car since I have owned it. Needed lower control arms replaced at last MOT and seemed to stop for a while. But back again but it does it a lot more in the warmer weather seems to be almost disappear or be very rare in cold weather.

So it could still be play on lower control arm bushes or something else. I might figure it out at some point but it still works and hasn't fallen apart yet and passed MOT'S prior to the LCA bushes failed last year.

See what the MOT in June/July throws up if anything.

If you do find the cause I would certainly be interested to find out what it is.

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