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MK6 Fiesta 1.4 Duratec Oil in airbox

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Long story cut short...

Car runs like crap, lumpy idle, no power/acceleration, sometimes hard start/no start.

Discovered recently it had a oil leak, and oil was getting to spark plugs, so I've changed the rocker gasket and plugs, so far so good regarding that.

However; I'm also getting quite a bit of oil in the airbox, small puddles are collecting, and has knackered the air filter.

Does anyone know what could cause oil in the airbox, apart from knackered piston rings? 

I have NO smoke from the exhaust what so ever, so I'm reluctant to think its the piston rings.

Also, sometimes when the car doesn't start, all the dials (temp/fuel/miles) reset themselves and go crazy, but I've checked the battery and the voltage is all good.

Any help with this would a major help!

Thanks in advance.

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