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FOCUS low fuel pressure

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Hi All

have had a "engine systems fault" light come on and car go into limp mode intermittently , usually when accelerating hard or when pulling off at lights ..  it gradually happened more often and I noticed it got sightly sluggish and cut out a few times. Brought it to my mechanic and he hooked up the diagnostic computer and it was "low fuel pressure" . He replaced the fuel pressure sensor and it seemed to work. The car is driving a lot better. Two days later the same "engine systems fault" light came on again. Mechanic  said  on the phone that it might need a new fuel pump which will cost me a lot between parts and labour. Are we on the right track here or is there something else it could be before I Shell out a load of cash. Have spent 200 euro already. 

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Well just to be different I don't agree!!

Actually I do agree but don't like saying so lol

Check the cheaper things out first and the filter is a good place to start.

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