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Clutch Advice needed

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Hi folks.I need to have my clutch replaced, it's been getting worse over time, it started slipping in 4th a while ago now it's slipping in 1st. After trying lots of different garages for prices, the best price I have been given is by Mr Clutch. I would like to know if anyone has had any dealings with this company as their price was a good £150 cheaper than the lowest price I got from any mechanic. the cheapest mechanic was £450. Mr Clutch quoted me £215 maybe up to £300 if the concentric Slave Cylinder needs replacing, which I'm assuming it will.

I'm curious about the huge difference in price between Mr Clutch and a local mechanic and I'm wondering if they might try and tell me there's more wrong and try and charge me more. 

I have explained that the engine cant be supported from underneath as the oil sump cover has corroded and I cant afford to replace it and they told me they can support it from above.


The other issue I have is I really dont fancy doing Bournemouth to Southampton in my car. I made the journey about 3 weeks ago and whilst I made it safely it was hard work but with such a price difference I may not have much choice.

All advice is welcome, thanks


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