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Hi All, 

Wondering if anyone has advice as to best security? On my second ST in a year [first was stolen from Ikea car park :( ] and really don't want to lose it.

My insurance have told me I must have a steering lock (which I have purchased and waiting to be delivered) and advised me about getting OBD plug security. I had and still don't really have any idea what an OBD plug is but from a little research I think this is how they steal the cars?? - Help please :-/

I've read some posts which say move it, disconnect the OBD etc but as I needed help last time changing a wiper blade, this isn't something I'm going to do myself.

I've seen some products, databloc, a little lock plate or key thing and what appears to be the better one (as it says Thatcham - assume this means its the best) an obd portector or protector and would prefer something professional if possible.

Has anyone had any of these or can you please make other recommendations... want to get something asap.

Thanks Guys

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Aww how awful,I was thinking about getting an St myself,do they all come with alarms? I'm surprised they didn't run off when your alarm sounded,if it had one.  Hope they caught them

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2 hours ago, karinanina said:

Wondering if anyone has advice as to best security?

'Best' will always make this difficult to answer so it is probably 'best' to ignore it.


2 hours ago, karinanina said:

...about getting OBD plug security. I had and still don't really have any idea what an OBD plug is but from a little research I think this is how they steal the cars?

One way - and it is only one way, so it may not be appropriate to think 'job done' when you have this - particularly for cars with keyless functionality, is to use the OBD port to set the car up the way you want it, and given that a practised tea leaf can do this quite quickly, you want something that, at the very least, slows them down so that they are hanging around with the alarm going off, for an appreciable time.

Thatcham is essentially a test house, and, if it says 'Thatcham' it will have been tested to some standard. That doesn't quite mean it is the best - some of the standards have different levels or classes, and there can be perfectly good products that haven't been 'Thatchamed' (but you'd have to ask why? Maybe for a non-UK product they didn't realise how people see Thatcham here, for instance. Or, maybe, it is too new. But mostly 'Thatchamed' products will be average or above). Also, if the Tea Leaves come up with an entirely new way of stealing cars - and this has happened - the 'old' Thatcham standard may suddenly become nearly pointless. But it is a good indication, possibly a better indication than anything else.

As far as the OBD plug is concerned you probably need something that means the Tea Leaf can't do what they intended (plug in their 'alarm incapacitator' quickly). If it takes them by surprise, then that might add to the effect, but it is likely to add to the effect once they have smashed the window, which isn't ideal. On the other hand, if they can tell what it is from outside, they can prepare for what they'll be confronted with, so you pays your money and you takes your choice.

In the end you got to make the Tea Leaf walk past your car and on to something else.

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Thanks Guys

Yes car has an alarm but so did my last one and still disappeared in minutes. I have done some more research and is scary what you read (but always is when its online!!), supposedly there are devices that bypass all the security and they just push the button to start and drive away :( - mine I don't need the key just get in a push the button, so definitely worried.

I called a few companies today and the most helpful were the ones who sell the new product (www.obdportector.com). I checked with them and its new because they have only launched when they had achieved Thatcham recognition (last month of February I think), from what I understand it is a new specification for obd plug protection and this is the only product to have passed.

They were very helpful and said they don't cut into the vehicle so it wont affect the warranty (which would be all I need), also gave me a discount code for an Audi site to use which was great and they fully fit onsite anywhere so I don't have to take more time off work and can just get them to come to the office :). It cost £240 including the fitting, so I hope I chose well, doesn't seem to be much reviews on this apart from a few Audi ones I read from people who have used them and they're all really positive. I'm estimating although the insurance settled last time that I lost 10 times that by the time I paid out and the insurance didn't cover everything, so hoping with these efforts I can at least get to enjoy the car this time - totally recommend an ST btw, great little sporty car.

That reminds me... my insurance is up soon, any recommendations? 30 something years young, careful(ish) lady driver ;) 

Will let you know how it all goes.

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Get a clutch pedal lock.

Especially handy if you have push button start as you have to depress the clutch first.


I have one to supplement my alarm and tracker if leaving parked away from home (at home, my parking spot is covered by my personal and Council CCTV).

If leaving the car in airport parking etc, as I have a Blurfin remap installed I can also remove all engine software from the ECU using the installation handset so the car won't even start no matter what a potential thief does.

Sent from my SM-G930F

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Thanks Clive

I looked at pedal locks and if I am honest didn't like the idea of getting in the footwell but understood that they work well and are hard for a thief to get to. What I really want is not to have to worry about my car getting stolen again, but guessing that's not an option now a days!!

The obd protector fitters are coming out tomorrow to fit it (which I'm impressed with as only ordered Friday), as I don't need to do anything with this product hoping that it'll solve the problem and I can worry about more girlie things like headlight eye lashes - only joking I'd never deface my car with them :)!!

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