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Lamp post hit...repair cost advise?


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Hi fellas

Did the utter mong move of not bothering checking the wing mirrors earlier today...reversed into a frickin lamp post. Yep, what a tool.

Anyhow, ill be off to get repair quotes in the morning. Before I get completely ripped off I wonder if anyone had any advise as to a ball park figure to get the attached picture repaired. 

Sigh. :wallbash:

I can pick up the lights for £30...


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Assuming the bumper is salvageable, I'd estimate around £100-£120 for repair and respray (had a couple of bumpers done for around that price)

Big ol' dent up there...not sure 

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Thanks for the reply Sean. The bumper itself has no cracks visible, and the actual marks on the bumper aren't all that deep. As you can see its come away from the body a little. I'd be happy (loose term) to pay around 400 for both tbh. If it's more, it's more but I was just after a rough figure to save myself getting shafted. Cheers 

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