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New happy focus owner


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Hi all, I'm new to Fords having come from a line of French cars.


i used to own a 106 gti that was a lot of fun but a change in work circumstances means that I'm now doing 50 miles a day and as much fun as the 106 was its not where you want to be sat for an hour a day on the motorway!


i bought a 05 focus ghia that is a maybach compared to the tin can I've just got rid of! It's very smooth and relaxing. Not all that quick with it being the 1.6 but I knew it wouldn't be.

it has an engine management light on already but is in otherwise very good condition at 60k miles. Having paid only £1600 for it it's a lot of car for the money I think and I'm very happy. I've already bought an obd2 reader to help diagnose what it is. 


Im getting about 40mpg on the trip computer for a 50 mile return trip on majority motorway at 70mph does this sound right?


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