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2009 ford mondeo estate titanium x sport

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Hey guys new to this site and new to ford! I  have recently purchased a 2009 mondeo estate 2.2 titanium x sport, when i am driving and have the heating on i have noticed a smell of burning after about 30 minutes,when i open the bonnet it appears to be coming from the middle cap in the middle of the pic added not the little ball type on the far left. Hope you can help.


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White smoke would suggest exhaust leak, or a liquid leaking onto hot components, for example coolant goes into the egr cooler, so if it's leaking and splashing that could cause white smoke

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Still getting this and its starting to get very annoying.

I've done a bit of research on it and there have been a lot of reports of oil weeping from the engine breather.

Has anyone replaced this part yet and is it easy to get at to inspect for problems? 

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