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Just bought a 1995 Lincoln Mark Viii - General questions?

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Here s a quick overview for you; I saw this car sitting in someone s driveway for about 3 years. Never moved. I looked it over, and bought it for $700. It has 164k miles on it, and some small problems for being 21 years old. I ll list the ones I m concerned about. 

1. There s a constant "door ajar" notification on, what could cause this? 
2. The rear taillights and reverse lights don t work - replacing the neon lights are expensive so can I just wire a light strip to replace the neon bulbs? 
3. Does anyone know if I can install a cold air intake on this car? 
4. The steering sometimes gets stiff, like it has no power steering fluid - it doesn t leak and there s plenty of fluid in it. It s in need of an alignment and makes a quiet squeaking noise when I do turn, what may be the problem? 
5. Passenger window motor is good, but makes a clicking noise - why? And the sunroof doesn t work, no noises or movement. 
6. How big of a douchebag would I be to put glass packs on this car? 

If you survived reading this, thank you. Any information will help.
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1.it could be one of the door switches for the light has got a constant earth.

2.if all the fuses are ok check for power at the tail light and that the earths are in good condition.the reverse could be the gearbox switch.

4.at 21 years old i would change the fluid first,

5.it could be a ratchet gog on the winder thats missing a tooth causing the noise.is there power to the motor on the sunroof? if there is it could be the motor itself or the tracks that are ceased up.

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