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Missing Cigarette Lighter!

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Hey all, 

Looking for some advice please.

My old car recently died and my beloved Dad bought my a second hand Ford. It's a 2004 5D Fiesta.  It's great, no complaints.  However Dad failed to see the missing cigarette lighter.  

Not just the lighter itself, the entire accessory is missing, there's just an empty hole there!

So I'm wondering where I need to go from here to get it replaced.  I'm not adverse to learning how to do it myself, but I don't want to remove the plastic molding, and get stuck. 

Am I correct in thinking this is all I need? https://www.amazon.co.uk/CIGARETTE-LIGHTER-REPLACEMENT-UNIT-FIESTA/dp/B006JOAFEC

I'm in Australia so I'd like to know I'm on the right track before investing time in waiting for this to arrive. 

Cheers in advance for the advice. 

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honestly, have a chat with your dealer, not all parts are ridiculously expensive, you might find the cost of just the socket is cheap enough!

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