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Ford Focus MK2 - Buying Advice & Advisory on MOTs


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First and for most Hello!

I joined this forum just to ask this question and hopefully it will help me make my decision which is whether to buy this car or not.


I have little knowledge with cars and need something more economical for travelling to work due to a new job in the past few months. Like the idea of Fords as the parts are cheap and they're economical for the value.

Car Spec I am looking at:

  • Private Owner
  • Ford Focus 1.6TDCi - 2006 MK2 
  • 109,000 Miles
  • MOT due Jan 2017
  • Service (done manually about a year ago, not sure how to check this though) - not in the log
  • Cambelt - He said the prev owner changed it but again, i'm not sure how to check (i did take a pic of this if that helps?)
  • Done 10k mileage in 3 years
  • HPI Clear - did a test online this morning.
  • Has a ST kit on it with spoiler & wheels (that's not why i'm buying it though!)

When Driving:

  • I felt the turbo straight away (vibration under my seat after 0.5 second turning on the engine)
  • Test drove fine, brakes all OK, turning OK.
  • No dodgy sound on start up
  • Engine looked clean (pics if required)
  • Gear box moves from 1-5 and in between all OK. 


  • The car had a slow puncture in the front passenger Tire which he pumped up but still dragged after that (assume its the tracking)
  •  When putting the clutch down and turning the steering wheel, I could feel the steering column against my foot, I mean right down on the floor though - not sure if this is normal or if some protection has been removed (as he did say he had a sub at one point).

Advisories on the MOT:

  • Nearside front suspension arm rubber bush deteriorated but not resulting in excessive movement wishbone, rear bush (2.4.g.2)
  • Offside front suspension arm rubber bush deteriorated but not resulting in excessive movement wishbone, rear bush (2.4.g.2)

I am going to go back an inspect it again, but I was wondering if you have any advice of what to look out for etc. I don't know any mechanics so bringing one along is out of the question unfortunately. Pics attached of the engine.

The price is £1800.

If this was unclear apologies and I will amend.

Many Thanks,






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