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burning oil

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hi, help again. our ford transit 2.4   140bhp is burning oil.  I can smell it but cant see any.  I keep topping it up.  there are no engine noises, no rattles or nothing.  no loss off power, very fast.  someone said it could be little ends. anyone with ideas, thanks

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Burning oil - Bad piston rings, as these are the lower end of an engine to repair this means a complete engine overhaul or engine replacement.


Valve stem seals - less expensive and much easier to replace than PR's but still an expensive job and involves a partial tear down of the engine to replace


Turbo - if your car has a turbo, it could be faulty and be consuming oil

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was a new one. We had to take van back when it was done as it was leaking oil from there. They fixed it as they said the turbo was faulty and under garentee. But since we had it back we can smell oil. At first I just thought it was the old oil burning off the engine but the smell is still there. I cant see no black smoke from exhaust but before turbo was done it was white smoke

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supposed to be a new one. When it was put on and we had van back the turbo was leaking oil onto the cat (the big round thing) so the van had to go back and was told it was the new turbo leaking. Van came back and we drive it most days. At first we thought it was just the leaked oil burning off the engine but now the same burning of oil can I can still smell. As I said van runs as it should, no knocks rattles or anything just using oil with the smell of burning oil. No drips on the driveway either

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