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Cost for new keyless fob?

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I bought a 60 plate Fiesta ZS today and sadly it only has one fob...lovely having push button start though! 

Any ideas how much to get a replacement and who could possibly do the work?

Many thanks :)

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I seen a similar topic yesterday where the guy was saying you can pick up a fob from ebay (£10) then reprogram it.


not sure if this is the right page that tells you how to do it but its similar steps n you'll find it easy :)


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If the fob programming procedure is the same as the Focus then yes doing the fob is easy enough to do, however the key will not start the car as the transponder needs to be coded into the system, and for that you will need access to Ford IDS or any other suitable software for the Fiesta that can do this with a suitable OBD cable.

Not sure if the Fiesta differs from the Focus as I have only done my Focus but I do have IDS and Forscan.

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Thanks afaik it's the proximity fob so from what I've read so far I need to-

Get a replacement, get it cut or leave it blank, then have it programmed to the vehicle?

I've read I can remove the ignition cover and put the key in after having a blank  cut by timpsons then do the button sequence but also that it needs to alternatively be programme with software?

The blade is inside the fob I think.


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Thinking back to a thread a while ago, the keyless entry can't be programmed the same as a remote flip key, you can't physically turn the ignition barrel to enter the programming mode. As far as I know it has to be coded in using IDS.

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