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My New Fiesta Zetec S MK7.5

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Hi guys, I'm Dan and last month I picked up my 2013 Fiesta Zetec S. Absolutely loved the first 500 miles I've done in it and can't wait for the countless many more miles to come.

I am also looking to change a few things with it though, including changing headlights (the yellowish stock bulbs look slightly off with the white paint), making it sound slightly more aggressive and converting rear drums to discs so anyone who can share any knowledge will be greatly appreciated!!

Cheers from me and my new baby :wub:

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9 hours ago, frund said:

Nice car welcome. Try not to polish all the paint off :smile:

Thanks frund! Does get a pretty regular clean but will watch out :wink:

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2 hours ago, Tom-B64 said:

Hi and welcome!

Cracking cars these mate, feel free to check my project thread for ideas :smile:

Also get some photos up!

Cheers Tom, will be sure to have a look mate :smile:

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Received a pair of wind deflectors today so they were on as soon as I was home from work. Looking next to replace some headlights but not sure where may be a good place to look either retail or online??


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