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11 plate titanium 1.8 juddering

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I have recently bought a 1.8 titanium mondeo and absolutely love it to bits (after 3 yrs with a pauxhall insignia), however it's developed a juddering in very low acceleration, if I drive it like I've stolen it no issues, however if you pull away in low revs it gets a judder and a loss of power before kicking back in, any help greatly appreciated 

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Same reply I put to the other post.Try this.It's cheap enough that if it doesn't help its no problem.Mine was the same but since I put this in it already feels better.


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Turbo lag!!!!

i had this on my focus 1.8 tdci 2007 titanium setting off with foot to floor felt as if I was back in a 1.0ltr until turbo kicked in.

i blanked off egr and that sorted throttle response straight away and sets off like a petrol now. 

I also ran tank till empty then use bp fuel all time now no problems 

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