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Apologies if there’s already a topic on this but I’ve only found them where the auto stop/start isn’t working, the problem I have with mine is the stop/starts constantly kicking in every time I gear in neutral and lift clutch up when I’ve NEVER had stop/start on!

Started 3 days ago, geared neutral, lifted clutch up and engine cut out and the red A light display came on. I double checked the auto stop/start button wasn’t on and since then it’s been constantly doing it. I’ve only had the car 16 months (64plate), it’s done 9600 miles and my travel times only 30-40 minutes per weekday. I’ve taken it into Ford today and they said it’s because the batteries low voltage and they’re keeping it overnight to fully charge the battery…… surely the stop/start shouldn’t be working then? not for it to keep kicking in?!

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