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1.8 sport 2006 focus

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both of my keys will unlock and lock the but will not allow car to start messages on dash board saying key not responding ? can any one please advise me . its driving me mad .


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It's unlikely to be both keys at fault unless you've removed the transponders from them.

I'd suspect the PATS sensor ring around the ignition barrel.

Sent from my SM-G930F

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It's the immobiliser sensor around the barrel, just a plastic ring with wires to it.

Unless the system detects the correct chip in any key inserted into the ignition the engine won't start.

Best way to test is to manually unlock the doors with the key (not buttons) this will start a warning signal which is the car asking for a recognised key in the ignition.

Insert a key and turn to II, if recognised then the chime will stop.

If unrecognised then the alarm will sound.

You can stop it by removing the key, closing the door and pressing lock or unlock on the key.

Sent from my SM-G930F

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hi thanks but there is no key as such it a keyless entry and fixed barrel and the message is saying passive key not resonding any idea's


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