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help needed : 2012 smax titanium radio issue

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Hi there - I'm new to this, and I'm hoping someone could help me..... our 2012 SMAX Titanium car radio has been diagnosed by FORD Eltham as draining the battery.... no big issue as long as we are driving it each day, but possibility it will run battery flat.  They have quoted me just under £1000 to get this fixed with new radio.  I have sourced my own radio through a reputable second hand radio company, from a 2012 smax, but when FORD fitted this, they said it wasn't compatible as the replacement radio doesn't work with our cars parking sensors..... I've just paid £300 for this replacement radio, which I am able to get a refund on, but I need to find the exact model numbers that I need for my car so that I can source the exact same radio...... FORD ELTHAM will not help - they say they are not able to give out part/model numbers......

My car is 2012, Sony DAB radio, single cd player, bluetooth, parking sensors...... anybody have any idea which part/model number I need to be able to source the exact same radio....?


Many many thanks in advance!

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