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DPF Additive Query

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Hi All

Just a couple of quick queries I have regarding DPF additive. Does anyone know what the capacity of the DPF additive tank is? Also, roughly how long will 1 litre of additive last?

Thanks in advance.

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It lasts as many times as you open the filler flap, so if you stick in a tenner every other day it'll get used quicker than if you brim it once a fortnight.

Not 100% sure on the capacity now, seem to remember it as 1.7 litres but let someone else confirm that.

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Thanks for the reply.

I've only just been made aware of the DPF additive due to a engine system warning pop up on the dash. Took it to my mechanic mate, who diagnosed it as DPF additive was low or empty. We put a litres worth of additive in, reset the ECU, and all's good again. I didn't realise it topped up every time the fuel filler cap is opened! Learn something new everyday!

Cheers for the help

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A full tank of 1.8 litres is supposed to last for 75K miles hence the top up schedule being at 75K miles.

But as Tom said the more frequent the regenerations and the more frequent filling the car up the quicker the fluid will be used up quicker.

I can't remember off hand the dosing amount but sure it is quite a small amount something like 50ml is ringing around my head.

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