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Ford IDS Cruise Control Activation

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I need some help. I really want to activate cruise control on my mk2 1.6 TDCi. I have all the hardware in place. What I need to know is the procedure for activating it in IDS and how easy it is. I have access to ids with module programming.

Don't shout at me if this isn't the right place. I am not brilliant with forums but really need some help.

Thank you in advance everyone. 

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It's 5 mins with elm config which is free to use and there's a guide on here for it. Most people here don't have ids or use it I think so you'd be quicker doing the above mate

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I did try with elmconfig. I read a guide that basically used version 2.17 to download pcm firmware and VID block separately, activate the speed control and use version 2.10 to combine the two files and flash pcm.


My problem was that it took 92 mins to read pcm firmware which concerned me a little. But when trying to combine VID files and firmwear bin files in version 2.10, my pcm type was not listed in the software so I couldn't write to it.


The guy in the guide said he only used two versions because he didn't know how to combine the VID and firmware files into one write procedure on the latest version.

Hopefully someone knows of the correct way. I just want to understand the procedure before attempting it.

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9 minutes ago, TehJazzi said:

What hardware do you need to buy? 

Unfortunately, I do not think it is so simple.

Because of the way the PCM has total control over the engine, on a stroke by stroke basis, it pretty much has to be done through that module. I do not think some external gizmo could safely do it.

It seems the software is all there inside the PCM, or can be loaded into it. So one part of the job is to re-configure or re-program the PCM, which is what they are talking about above in the post. Not for the faint hearted! One bad error and the PCM turns into a brick, and your car is uselesssad.png! May be recoverable, but it is a worry.

Your version of the PCM, and possibly IC, needs to be compatible with the available updates.

Your wiring harness needs the wires for the control (probably has them)

Then usually you need a new steering wheel, or some way of connecting the control. There are long topics & guides on this, which I find very technical, & I am an electronics engineer!

I would quite like it too, but I don't think it is worth the hassle at the moment.

I am sure there are people or companies offering to do it for a fee, Does anyone know of a reliable one?

A definitive & simple guide to at least what models & versions this can be done on, with basic requirements, would be nice! Anyone willing? or has it already been done somewhere?





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I found this in the archives from 2012, seems to me like in most cases everything is already wired up in the vehicle even if it didn't come with CC. From what I can read it sounds like all you need is the steering wheel with the CC buttons and someone who can activate it. Now reading it and actually being able to do it are two completely different things so I may be completely missing the point here haha..

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17 hours ago, TomsFocus said:

t's as simple as swapping the steering wheel and activating it with a laptop

It seems Tom & I have both said about the same thing, but in rather different ways.

He is looking at it as an optimist:smile:

I took a bit more pessimistic view: There is always some little hitch. (And reading some of Tom's posts, especially about his ST, he has had to overcome many of them.)

But looking at life pessimistically will get us nowhere, so give it a try, as long as you are willing to accept a little risk, and maybe excitement (of a sort!)

Don't know quite how I got from Cruise Control to the philosophy of life, but there it is!



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Here is a link to a YouTube video: its in Italian (I think) but shows how to retrofit Cruise Control to a Mondeo using ELMConfig...

Hopefully it will be of use to somebody?


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