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Transmission problems?

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So I bought a fiesta flight mk5 2001 1.3 couple of months ago and it's coming up to its mot time. I have had a bit of an issue with it since I bought it. The first gear seems to be difficult to go into most of the time and it will only push the car up to 20mph I'm scared to try go faster as the revs are way too high and engine sounds like a jet plane about to take off.. Also it gets to 45mph quite fast in 2nd gear and then struggles to go over no matter what gear it's in. It goes up to about 70mph tops on a straight road but from 50mph up it just takes ages.. My 0-60 is 20sec.. But 0-40 about 6sec.. Also the car will just not go over 75 unless I'm going down the hill.. On the beginning I thought it might be only because it's a small engine but then I saw my friend in his fiesta (same age, later and model) whizz past me and he pushed it all the way to 125mph.. His just keeps accelerating as you push it. I had new spark plugs in it and new fuel filter.  What could it be? Transmission or like ignition wires or fuel pump or something to do with air flow? I have a cone filter on it, don't know why previous owner put it on lol.

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On 30/06/2016 at 0:01 PM, Tomaz said:

Also it gets to 45mph quite fast in 2nd gear and then struggles to go over no matter what gear it's in. It goes up to about 70mph tops


tbh, I am replying here mainly to refresh the topic, back to the top of the list!

Does your car have a rev counter gauge? If the clutch was slipping, this would be most clearly visible on this. Engine sounds are often deceptive. But it sounds too severe a problem for slip, you would have burnt the clutch out completely by now if it was slipping that badly.

Lack of power could be a huge range of things: maintenance things like oil change & air filter, or various engine faults.

I assume no warning lights are coming on?

If you can narrow it down to more specific, well defined symptoms, it would be more likely that someone here would be able to help.


BTW: Your friend doing xxx mph on a public road would not go down well with quite a few folk on this site! Bad Boy!


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