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OBD Theft

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Had a quick search but didn't find anything about cars being stolen by gaining access to the obd port and programming blank keys on this forum.
The topic seems to be rife on the Focus and Fiesta forums with newer ST's and RS's disappearing through access to the OBD port.
This problem seems to be with cars that have keyless entry and Push Button Start from all manufacturers though .

http://passionford.com/forum/general-ca ... fords.html

I've moved my port to another location but was wanting to remove the fuse for the port as an extra layer of protection but can't figure out which fuse to remove. I went to my local Ford dealer to ask which fuse to remove and what Ford are doing about the cars being stolen through accessing the OBD port.
They said the wouldn't recommend removing the fuse as it might impact on other systems and are looking into the issue of theft via the OBD port.
My question is has anyone removed their Data Link Connector/Gateway fuse without any issues and which fuse was it and it's location.
Looking to get a handle on this before my new Mondy arrives mid Sept


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There's lots of threads about this just hunt around the site

I've just moved mine but left it connected. Anything that stops the scroats getting away with my car and moving on to the next one is a result

See my parts for sale on thread "philf1s Spirit Blue Fiesta ST180 parts for sale"

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