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New engine!

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Hi guys, unsure if someone's asked this but Does anyone know if the 07 110 tdci engine from a focus will fit a 07 mk6 fiesta tdci? Mines dead! Head gasket Failed pressure test and water tank had exhaust fumes in, I've used k-seal but it's not helped, I tried oil sealer aswell to try help seal the problem from both sides but still not fixed or even slightly close😡 My turbo is hissing at 3000rpm and the water pump has snapped two blades which has thrown the bearings out making it sound like loud supercharger whine 😂😂 so it's a shot in the dark but..
I've found a focus engine lots cheaper than my original engine but not sure on the looms, ecu, key fob or even the mountings.... I've read some threads about the engines being almost the same but have a diff turbo and better injectors but nothing more about it. 

Help!!!! I've got an apprenticeship that starts end of next month and its 20miles away

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2 hours ago, Johnsonnn said:

focus engine lots cheaper than my original engine but not sure on the looms, ecu, key fob or even the mountings

One problem I see is the ecu (aka pcm) talks to the other car modules like the Instrument cluster, abs etc.

If you transfer the pcm from the Focus, it will almost certainly not be compatible with the Fiesta modules. If you keep the Fiesta pcm, then it will need re-progamming with injector codes for the new engine, at the very least, and all the sensors & emission control stuff etc. has to be the same.

Add to that uncertainty about mounts, and even the transmission interface, I think the transfer would be a major project, much more than 2 months!

If Iantt picks this up, he will give a more informed answer than me, but I fear he will agree with me!


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