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Could fitting new head bolts fix a head gasket if there are no symptoms other than slow water loss ?

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''If'' my car has a bad head gasket with no symptoms at all other than a slow loss of water but no oil/water mixing/ no power loss, no smoke,   if new head bolts were installed to the specified torque could this cure the head gasket ?




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5 hours ago, Fastlife91 said:

'If'' my car has a bad head gasket with no symptoms at all other than a slow loss of water

Bolt stretch or thread creep could allow a HG to leak, but I think this is rare. Also, when a leak starts, erosion of the gasket & metal (especially aluminium) will usually prevent a re-seal. If there was a small HG leak, I would try K-Seal first. It did work on my Vauxhall Vectra.

But you need to be fairly sure it is HG first. Check for leaking coolant tank (put a bit of cardboard under it). I guess you have checked all water hoses, inc. heater & oil cooled (if fitted). Radiator.

Damp inside front footwells, smelling of anti-freeze, will show heater matrix leak.

Leaking HG should give a smell of anti-freeze from the exhaust. Most likely when tank is hot & pressurised. Also combustion products can be detected in the coolant water (this is a simple garage test).


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If it's just water loss then I really wouldn't worry about a failed HG.

It's common for Ford's to find their own equilibrium. No matter how often I top up mine it drops to around the halfway mark.

If it's really excessive, and there are no obvious leaks - then try a new expansion cap first

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