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Dip Stick Problem

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I have a 152 1.5 model Ford Focus and am having problems with oil blowback from the dipstick - has the dealership are dealing with it but I'm not happy with their actions so far and was wondering if anyone has any ideas?

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Hi Joss thanks for the reply - first time I had it in with them they said it was a faulty dipstick and it was replaced with a different type - that was in the spring sometime.

It's happened again and I dropped it in to them again today and I made it clear I wanted a full diagnostics - as in what's behind the problem.

So I'm waiting to hear back - they (the dealers) seem to be fobbing it off to Ford rather than dealing with it themselves in their own service dept.

The car was purchased in November 2015  and has 6000 kms so still well within warranty.

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