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Mondeo indicators

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The offside front and rear indicators have stopped working on my 2010 mondeo.

Have checked the bulbs and they appear ok. Strangely,  the small one on the side still works. Near side all work ok.

The orange 'i' has appeared on the dashboard also.

Has anyone else had this problem or any idea what I could check

Many thanks

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15 hours ago, Ian Fairhurst said:

offside front and rear indicators have stopped working

The small indicator may be driven by the door electronic module, so is electrically independent. But that shows the switch is working. The door modules are controlled over the car's CAN bus from the BCM.

(On the Focus, door modules are fitted if all 4 windows are electric, Mondeo may be similar, or have them as standard)

The front & rear bulbs will be driven from the BCM (aka GEM), which is usually part of the interior (glove box) fuse box.

I do not think there are separate fuses for L & R sides, so that really only leaves the BCM unit itself, or one of its connectors.

I guess you checked the bulbs? And for any relevant blown fuses?

It may be possible to trace the wiring back to the BCM, using Haynes, or just the wire colour codes. But if it is the output circuit in the BCM, it will need repairing or replacing.


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