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Mondeo fuel pump connectors


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Hi Guys I am new to the forum and here under false pretences. I have a 2006 Morgan Plus 4 with the 2000cc Duratec engine. I have having a recurring problem with the Mondeo fuel pump. See photo FuelSupplyandReturnConnectors009.jpg

The small red connector (shown as three pronged clip) has failed twice allowing fuel to spew out of connection and stopping car. On both occasions it been on the fuel "return" pipe that has failed resulting in no fuel pressure and a mess!. Morgan not helpful.Last time I spent ages trying to source the clips (ford garages, parts suppliers etc),  only to be told that, to get these    tupenny clips, I had to buy a complete sender unit (several hundred pounds). I eventually sourced from a breakers.

Two questions.

1. Anyone know why its happening (fuel lines seem to be aligned)

2. Where can I get new clips.

Any help for this desperate Morgan owners gratefully appreciated


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