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Help, Need some sort of audio connection...


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I've recently replaced my ageing Astra with my first ever Ford.. I picked up a Ford Mondeo 1.6T Zetec EcoBoost (2012) .. I love it, but absolutely gutted to find the limitations of the bluetooth, I can't seem to get audio from my iPhone playing through the Speakers... After Googling it looks like the bluetooth is for calls only.. :(

I'm really missing this functionality and need a way to get it back ASAP.

What are my options?

I know there is an Aux connection hidden in the glove box, if i was to connect this way, is it possible to change track using the head unit controls or steering wheel controls?

So it's looking like...

1. connect device via aux and hopefully have a way to change track without touching the device. I don't want wires all over the place either...

2. Upgrade the head unit to something that provides bluetooth/USB, I don't want to lose any original functionality so i guess it would need to be an official ford upgrade? if even possible.

3. Go back in time to the 90s and buy some CDs

4... Suggestions??

Really disappointed the car doesn't have even a USB port, it's got quite a lot of modern tech on it... i'd be happy to use the aux if there was a way to change the tracks, i could buy a cheap iPod and just leave it in the car... this will leave wires but not the end of the world.

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You need to check the bluetooth module you have, its only the later model i.e. vers M or later that have streaming, the usual way is to change the module for a USB module which gives you extra benefit, usually find on fleabay at about £60-£65 or less if you are lucky , the bluetooth module is above the glovebox (remove to find), If you give the module number you will find you will get more positive info, do you have converse + display.

bluetooth is not part of the radio so changing head unit is pointless, personally USB is the way, tracks can be changed from steering wheel and display also shows on my dab 6cd radio plus converse, you will find the convenience of hundreds of tracks on usb memory card far out weighs any Cd or streaming.usage

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