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Mondeo, flashing glow plug, apparent actuator fault?

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Hi guys. First up I should tell you I know nothing about under the hood work, so, please, be gentle.

I've had my Mondeo for a while now with an intermittent glow plug fault. I had it checked out, and I was told the code was coming up as the Actuator. I was also told this could be any manner of problems, and that first I should try putting come cleaning fluid through it to make sure it wasn't anything clogged up before resorting to the error code. However, today the damned thing went into limp mode, flashing glow plug, and now it doesn't come off. So before I commit to spending 120 on having a new actuator ordered and fitted I looked around the net and read up on a couple of Actuator things. Now, my question is this: I watched the Actuator while I was revving it in my drive and it doesn't move, is this normal? Should it move, or only move when the car's actually in motion?

Also, are there other things I should be looking at before committing to a new part?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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