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Rear wheel(s) noise


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Not a particularly interesting topic, apologies.  As a novice though it would be really helpful to see if anyone can help before I take the car to a garage.  It's a MK3 2007 Mondeo.  The car has just gone through MOT (3 weeks ago) and had a rear coil replaced but that's it, and seemed absolutely fine.

I've just come back from 10 days away so the car has been sitting. First time I drove it the car has developed a click/clunk when driving.  The noise is like when there might be something in the tyre (there isn't)  It is there at all speeds and around corners.  And it is on both wheels!  But the noises don't happen simultaneously. 

Is it possible both bearings have gone at the same time?  There has been no noise or whining or grumbling etc at all.  

Just seems odd it is both wheels out of the blue.

I couldn't believe it when I drove it, fooking car.

Any ideas appreciated.







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