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Mondeo TDCi mk4 remapping...


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Hi there!

I'm thinking of optimize my Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 140PS year 2011. Celtic Tuning seems to have Stage 1, Economy and Stage 2 for my car. Already asked finnish authorized CT dealers for opinions about which stage they would recommend. They said that all CT softwares are safe and within engine manufacturer tolerances so that engine shouldn't break down in normal use. Of course if you give boot to car all the time, even standard cars will break down. Most of the Mondeo customers have chosen Stage 2 which gives 140PS -> 203PS and 320Nm -> 420Nm cause it costs the same as lower stages. 

Does anyone have experience about optimizing with CT softwares, especially higher stages? How Mondeo TDCi DW10C engines lasts with bit higher chiptuning? Any problems with PowerShift automatic? Brakes should be the same than in more powerful factory models. Exhaust gas values won't be a problem, chiptuning alone won't alter them too radically.

Also would like have experiences on remapping high mileage TDCi engines, also other models than Mondeo. My car has 270000km in meter, ex-taxi but VERY accurately serviced at local Ford dealer.

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Since no answers here, I decided to write some opinions from local Celtic Tuning dealers. They have optimized many even higher mileage turbodiesels with no problems. If basic services are made in time, those kilometers aren't too bad. 

All torque and power adjustments are programmed so that they are not over engine and transmission "safe levels". For PowerShift max safe torque is 450Nm while program gives 420Nm. 

I'm going to give it a shot and optimize with Stage 2. Since 115PS and 140PS versions are undertuned 163PS variants, power/torque upgrade from "basic factory vehicle" is 40PS and 80Nm and those are very mild and safe upgrades.

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I had that Stage 2 remap yesterday and have to say that my car got a pretty good spirit injection. :D Accelerates way much better especially 0-150 km/h and also now has pretty good power for pass by in motorway speed, fuel consumption dropped about 0,3-0,4 ltr/100km and all "useless" up-down-up-down gear shifts in city driving has gone. Car runs fine, no faults or symptoms, nice engine sound. I was bit concerned how my 270000km driven PowerShift and especially clutch would handle that remap but no slipping etc even if press pedal to floor from full stop. Torque chart shows that rising angle for torque is same as in standard software but it rises higher, so safe mod for powertrain also.

So yes, I'm very pleased of that remap in many ways! Recommend! :)


Ps. My car is going to it's scheduled maintenance where it gets new fuel filter, motor oils and filter, air filter and also PowerShift oils ans filter. So I think perfomance will improve bit more when getting fuel and air better, and transmission working again with best capacity.

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