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Lots of black smoke! - Mondeo 2006 TDCI 2.0


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Hi, first time using this forum. I know there are various threads related to smokey mk3 diesels but i cant find a definitive answer to my question so any advice appreciated. 


My mondeo started belting out obscene amounts of black smoke when pulling away (first noticed when I completly smoked out a cyclist at some lights) 

Noticed a split in the EGR to intercooler hose, so replaced that assuming it was the issue. Ive noticed a decent increase in power, however there is still far too much smoke when climbing revs. I figured this could be left over soot still working its way out.. Does anyone have experience with this? Did you still get smoke for a while after making this repair? If so how long should I expect it for? Or could it be another underlying issue? 


Many thanks :)


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Thanks for the reply! 

Yes that's what i originally believe the problem was - loss of air through the split hose. 

But now i'm just wondering how long to leave it to see if the smoke that's there now is just soot left over from the original issue being blown through, or whether i need to start looking at fuel injectors. 

I managed to get in 15mins this morning up and down the duel carriageway, there was less smoke than before, and it seemed to reduce as the engine warmed. However, it is still an unacceptable amount. 



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6 hours ago, Juss said:

Yes that's what i originally believe the problem was - loss of air through the split hose. 

Have a good look for other splits in all the pipes from turbo via intercooler to inlet manifold, and, if possible, the intercooler & manifiold as well. These leaks have been known to "hunt in packs", with several happing in a short interval.

Does the car have a DPF?

If so, the black smoke before the repair may well have damaged it, otherwise how did the smoke get through?

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Thanks guys. 

I gave it another good hard go around the duel carriageway and it seems a little better, but still too much. It is now only really when i hit between 1700 to 2000 revs while climbing that is does it... Then when the turbo kicks in the smoke clears completly and the cars flys from there. 

 I'll get her out again today for a bit and if there is no further improvment i'll check all the pipes. 


It's a mk3 which I don't believe have DPFs. 


Many thanks for the help guys, i'll update if there is any progress today!

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Took it out for a good 25 mile motorway burn, with as much changing around as I could in a hope it would clear it up. 

No real difference. 

Checked all air related pipes for damage and there was none (that I could find anyway!) 

will try giving the manifold a good scrub at the weekend I think in a last attempt before surrendering to the experts! :rolleyes:

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