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Power Steering Pump Pulley


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Greetings all 

I have a 2008 Mk4 2.0 Petrol Mondeo and have been having issues with a noisy power steering  pump.   I've tried bleeding the system to no avail.  I have bought a replacement pump but have bought a 2.0 diesel pump in error.  (stupid I know) 

I believe the only difference is the pulley size (The diesel pulley being about 1cm larger than the petrol)


My plan was to change the pulley's over however other pulleys have had a lip on the inner edge to fit a removal tool around, but these don't seem to have this.   I have a normal gear puller (not a specific power steering pump type) which can grip the outside of the pulley but this will bend the outer edge when force is applied 


Has anyone got any tips on getting it off and back on (am i missing something obvious) 


And also if the pump doesn't resolve the issue, what else to try (was hoping to avoid changing the rack)


many thanks   

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cant help you other than getting a pump pulley remover /installer. can you not send the wrong pump back? 

i doubt replacing the pump will fix it, i would remove the fluid reservoir and check for black sludge in the filter in the middle. the sludge normaly indicates the rack seals are deteriorating, blocks the filter and puts strain on pump

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