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USB issues music playback


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Hi, new here, but hope someone can advise me. 

Yesterday I bought a 2009 mondeo titanium x sport, which I have to say I love. The head unit in the car however had been upgraded to a Kenwood DNX5260BT Sat nav system, I say upgraded, but there are a few things I can't do. 

It's bluetooth enabled so my phone works great, but I can't stream audio through the bluetooth for some reason.  Reading up on the unit you can do it through a USB connection, but I can't see any USB socket on the unit or in the car, which I thought they had. 

Anyone any ideas how I can get this to work or would I be better off just buying a new head unit? 

If so could anyone recommend one that has sat nav, phone capabilities, music streaming etc

Also my computer system only shows trip details and settings.  I thought all other options would have been removed when the new unit was installed since it's not a ford.  Is this the case? 

Thanks in advance for all your help

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If you remove the unit there might be a USB cable with female socket on the rear. Does the manual not tell you whats on the back such as RCA's for amplifiers etc?

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