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Low idle on start up


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Hi all

first post on here.

i have a 2005 Ford mondeo 2.2tdci Ghia x which recently broke down and had a new alternator fitted, the car has now come back with another problem which it didn't go into the garage with. 


When the car is started up for the first few second it idles low at 500rpm with the battery and engine management light on then it's ok and both lights go out. I've returned it to the garage who fitted the alternator who have said they can't find a problem it never did this problem until the replacement recon alternator was fitted. On the off chance I've replaced the diesel pump but still the same.


Any ideas?





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Mine does the same thing, still haven't found out what it could be. I will change glowplugs soon, maybe there's problem. Also some diesel guy told me it could be weak starter, he had same symptoms on a v70 d5 after he swaped starter motor it went away. If you find the problem please post it.

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