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Hi guys, got a new key fob and key from ebay for my 2013 Mondeo mk4.5 had the key cut by a company and programmed the immobiliser chip so it starts the car, but I cannot get the remote to program! followed the steps of ignition on and off 4 times then it beeps, press a button on the remote does nothing, but if I press it on my working one it makes a chirp! The key has been tested and is giving out signal. Any suggestions would be greatful!

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I went through this a while back and it turns out that you have to go see a vehicle locksmith.

The technique that you describe works but the original key/fob must be nowhere near the vehicle when you activate the new one. Once it works, the old key fob will cease to work. In order to have both fobs working at the same time, you need software and equipment that most people just don't have.

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