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TMC traffic announcements - Mk 5


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Anyone out there know how to get audio TMC traffic announcements on the Mk 5 ?

My Mk 4 2014 used to give audio announcements for TMC information as well as display on a list and use for route guidance. There are long term roadworks on my route to the office and every morning my old Mondeo used to announce 'A34 roadworks' at the same point. Got a new Mk 5 yesterday and whilst I can see a list of warnings if I go to 'Traffic' from the navigation menu (so the TMC would appear to be working), there was no audio warning!. I can't see anywhere on the menus relating to TMC apart from the route guidance option to use it, which I checked is on. Just wondered if anyone has managed to fathom out if/how to get audio announcments.


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