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Hello peeps just thought id drop in recently purchased a fiesta zetec s 125 ecoboost. Its alright! Been driving an astra sportive van for 10 years! Last ford was a 1979 escort mk2 rs2000 in the 90s! Very impressed with the ecoboost performance having a history of modifying that tailed off 10 years ago im quite amazed at what the little engine does and hope to add my own stamp to this car. So hopefully the forum will come in handy, especially when it comes to stereo and remapping.  Just removed my old vans stereo few amps subs power capacitors etc.  Looking at the feistas stereo im a little lost. Its not even the shape im used to working with! Will research the audio section on here. Im allready missing my vans stereo it was more quality than all out bass and i hope to updaye the fiesta unit. Does it have rca outputs like how do you amp it up? We all know standard units are normally "just enough" no more.. and as for mapping why not! I find the throttle response a little slow so im guessing a remap can address this. Dont want loads more power my racing days are long gone. But traffic light derbys now amd then are still fun. 


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