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Aircon pully wheel


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ive been having lots of noise/rattles/squeaks from the belts area of my 1.4tdci and I believe it to be the aircon pulley wheel. 

Anyway I did something that is questionable/crude/wrong and sprayed each pully in succession until the noise stopped the noise stopped/lessoned when I got to the aircon pulley wheel.

what is the best way to sort this out??? Replace the whole unit? 

All help appreciated. 


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Speak to an aircon specialist as they may be able to replace the clutch that drives the pulley (as that's what makes the noise) on it's own.  The alternative is an entire new aircon pump, which is all Ford sell.

Do not ignore it.  My Kia Sportage caught fire and was a financial write off just before Christmas when the clutch failed, glowed red hot and started a fire.  I also know a guy had a Corsa catch fire for the same reason, though his survived.

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