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Considering A 2.2 200Ps Diesel - Worried About Dpf

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Hi All


I'm about to change employment and lose the use of my current company car. As a replacement I have been looking to purchase a Mondeo mk4.5 Titanium X Sport and was originally after the 2.0 ecoboost engine. However I am struggling to fine one as they seem to sell almost immediately therefore i have consider the 2.2 200ps diesel instead as there is much more to choose from. The problem is I was initially after the petrol engine as my place of work is only 3 miles from home which is not ideal for a diesel but I will also be visiting customers throughout the week that could be anywhere between 0-30 miles away via rural roads and dual carriageways. 


Therefore my questions is how well does the 2.2 dpf cope with shorter journeys, I know it's not ideal but some diesel engines cope fine with low mileage such as the VAG 2.0 TDI 170 in the octavia vrs and golf gtd. Equally other engines and dpf setups seem to fair a lot worse and wondered where the Mondeo fits in this?





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I'm currently driving a 2015 Mondeo tdci. I'm travelling 4 miles each way. I usually do a 20min run on a Saturday or sunday every second week and alls well after nearly 2 years.

I've had a 61 plate 2.2 Titxsport in the past and drove that similar distances without problem.

As long as it gets a work out every now and then, the dpf will be cleaned out.  

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