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problem with gears


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Hi all i have a 2004 modeo 1.8 petrol it's done 98k and I'm having issues selecting reverse some times it goes in no probs other times i have to force it in especially reverse but when i select first then back into reverse it goes in fine.

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It will more than likely be a worn clutch plate or clutch pressure plate  - Try pushing the clutch pedal as far to the floor as you can and wait 3-4 seconds before engaging reverse see if it doesn't crunch then - Should only crunch typically in 1st or reverse from standing start

Check for fluid leaks around slave cylinder at gearbox (if visible) slave cylinder could be part of the release bearing assembly which might be inside the bell housing if so look at bottom of gearbox at sump interface for clutch fluid leak

If slave cylinder inside bell housing - Gearbox out I'm afraid so would be adviseable to replace clutch kit assembly whilst at it due to mileage on clutch / engine if it's on its original clutch that is


Please report back with them findings...!

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I had this problem on my 2004 2.0 petrol Zetec and found that changing the gearbox oil seemed to alleviate the problem. I used the latest spec Ford gear oil. Hope this helps. ..

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