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Start up and vibration issues


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I have a 2009 Ford Fiesta style plus with 80k on the clock, full service every year 

last few weeks when I start up the car it is fairly shaky as if misfiring (especially when cold or left for a long time) although it always starts. I have replaced leads and coil and although it seems to have helped slightly it has not solved that problem. 

When engine heats up after a few revs or a minute the engine smoothes out and drives fine.

second to this is a low vibration that can be felt sitting in the car , diagnostic has been run with no error codes as so far two garages have been unsuccessful in finding the problem. Vibration is mainly felt when idle, revs seem fine.

so far advice is possible engine mount wearing away, CAT is broken which may be linked to fuel supply to engine hence cold start up issue and engine thermometer broken.

first garage found bolts missing or broken on exhaust manifold 

any and all advice is welcome 

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2 hours ago, zain611 said:

what fuel does it use petrol or diesel? if its diesel i might suggest glow plugs but im not certain

It has a coil pack and HT leads hence petrol 




When was the car last serviced and the plugs changed? 


Is the engine management light illuminated? As if your cat is broken and no longer efficient it should be.. 

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I'd also go with engine mounts for the vibrations. If your engine moves a lot when starting up or reving, then one or more of your mounts are kaput.

Have you checked your throttle body and air filter for being clean? Could be starving the engine for air. Might be a long shot, it's difficult to diagnose these things without looking in person, but if it's not a sensor or anything that would flag up on obd2 then I'd go towards spark plugs and air intakes. Best off starting with the quick, easy and cheap stuff first!

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Rear engine mount does most of the work as it has to absorb the forces of the engine trying to rotate fore and aft as to apply or release the power.  

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Latest on this, have taken to another garage who specialise in engines.


Full diagnostic is OK

Manual compression check OK

Cylinder leakage test OK

Fuel Injector assessment inconclusive

All other systems tested correctly

Recommendation has been to send injectors to be tested and replace as necessary as more than likely to be the issue.


What are your thoughts?

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