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Hi everyone

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Hi folks,


i'm new to the ford scene as well as the driving scene haha, i'm a proud owner of a 2004 fiesta flame :) not the best ford out there but for £120? i can't go wrong :) 



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sun strip on windscreen, cheap universal induction kit and oil cooling filter. i'm hoping to add a sports exhaust but it's just finding one at the right price as i don't have that much money lol

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Yeah my fiesta was done like that mk5 one. Got a £20 K&N filter and it did make a difference in acceleration tbf

just shop around for just a decent backbox. Full exhaust system would be expensive! 

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i'm hoping to pick up a brand new 3" back box tomorrow originally for the mk6 ST fiesta (so the seller says) for £35. 


also the induction kit is only the £25 universal mushroom style from Halfords but i can feel the difference in the acceleration, i deliver for a takeaway in Edinburgh and the other deliver driver has a BMW 116i, it can't touch my fiesta. 


off topic, where do i post a topic regarding my car? basically right after the car passed it's MOT, the speedometer stopped working. diagnostic reader says Speed Sensor A. can anyone please tell me where i can find the speed sensor in the 1.4 duratec 16v please? other forums say its at the top of the bell housing but i can't see it

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yeah the limited edition corsa comes with the red and black i'm sure. 


wait, why are we talking about corsa's, i thought this was a forum for 'good' cars lol

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