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What is the point of lowering 5mm?


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4 hours ago, Ryan_Tango said:

Might not just be 5mm their is more to take into account, lower centre of gravity albeit not a lot but it could be a much stiffer suspension.

Yep. It has sports suspension. 

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I've just stopped cars both older ones a 2007 to a 2009 the 07 car had the sports suspension and the newer one had standard the difference is very obvious when driving much less roll on the sport suspension, I dont have any data on the ride heights but the 07 car sat lower when I had them side my side, not much but visually , probably about 8-10 mm

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Same with the Ovtavia vRS
15/18mm ( Not sure which. But to be fair. The Mondeo looks lowered.
The vRS still looks like something on stilts.

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