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Hi All :smile:


I've been a Ford owner all my driving career since '93 with my first car being an 1100 base Mk1 Escort in blue. That followed in '96 with a 1971 1300L which I still own today even though it's been through various guises, styles & engine swaps over the years...... I also had brief spells with a Mk1 Orion Ghia & a Mk4 XR3i in the early 2000's. When the Mk1 Escort was off the road for restoration work a SEAT Toledo Mk1 fell into my hands & has served as my daily since 2009. This is being replaced this week after faultless & loyal service with a 2010 Focus Zetec which is obviously my reason for joining up on here with me being a little out of touch with more modern Fords & part compatibility & modifications etc etc I mean, it's not going to stay completely standard is it...... :wink:

*it doesn't appear I have any XR3i photos scanned in!!



20170219-DSC02022 - Copy (2).jpg

20170205-DSC01995 - Copy.jpg


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