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Balloon tyres / Scissor jack / ground clearance


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Hi All,

I have a 2015 Mk5 1.5d Mondeo Titanium X with 16" wheels. It's a company car so the 1.5d engine was the only option available and thus the 16" were also the only option. :( awe well.

I also selected the skinny spare rather than the can of repair glue when it was ordered. 

Here's my problem though....

The tyres are so big and the wheels are so small that when the tyres are deflated there is not enough ground clearance to get the supplied sissor jack under the car. Hmmm. 

I know this seems a bit mental to me but has anyone had a similar problem before? The process to order the car was convoluted with at least three hops before getting to the dealer (whom I never spoke to myself) so I'm not sure if this would have been something that was even considered during the build and check stages.

Any helpful responses or jokes about my situation would be appreciated.


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I can see why you'd be feeling deflated...perhaps even a little...


I wheely don't know what to suggest...but you did literally ask for it :biggrin:

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Blimey that's one helluva oversight from ford. I'd contact them to see what they have to say.
But as for a jack. There are plenty about that'll fit under a 2" space.

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I've just been out and measured my jack in its lowest position - about 4-5" (I say measured...held my fingers up to it lol)

The only thing I can think of to try (I genuinely have been pondering since I posted above) is to try slide the jack under the sill on its side, then twist.

If you had a 2nd jack, you coukd also try jacking it up from the opposite end to gain a bit of clearance - then get the second jack under the second jacking point and carry on fron there

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