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My black sportka 1.6 0& plate

Andy wild

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Hi i am a newbie to this type of discusion, so dont shout at me?? I have a black sportka 05 plta quite low milliage, but today the red thermostst warning light came on! Luckily i managed to pull over and called the rac, he told me that my head gasket had blown! But the water had not got into the engine! So i might of caught it before any more damage occured! Was he right? Is it a straight forward task to change the gaskets over? I know the thermostsat housing will have to be renewed. Any more advice would be very welcome


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Has the head cracked? If it has then it will need replacing. You will need a gasket kit and paste and bolts (bolts can only be torqued down once) and the cylinder head will need to be inspected and possibly pressure tested and skimmed before putting it back together. Check the expansion tank and cap for splits too. If the head isn't cracked it could cost between £400-700 and if the head does need replacing then you will have to add that cost on too. The head may be warped now due to the excessive temperatures which is why it will need pressure testing.

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